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Louisa Curley:

Jin Shin Jyutsu® Treatments, Lymphatic Balancing,
Ace Massage Cupping® and Sound Healing

Jin Shin Jyutsu requires no disrobing. Ideally wear loose cotton clothing.

"Louisa has been a part of our Pine Canyon team since 2007. She has a certain energy about her that the members love.

Spreading her time between California and Flagstaff we are grateful to experience the healing work Louisa brings. Trained in Jin Shin Jyutsu, Lymphatic Drainage, Sports and many other techniques. Louisa goes beyond the relaxation with her touch, creating a restorative, cleansing, and nurturing massage. She executes love and kindness and is always a pleasure to have around the Spa.

She is loved and adored by many and always requested!"

Bianca Haggenmuller
Director of Health & Wellness, Recreation
Pine Canyon Golf Club

"Louisa Curley has been my massage therapist since 1986.

For the last 3 years I found that changing her expertise to Jin Shin Jyutsu has worked miracles far beyond massage. From now on this is my sole medical treatment.

I am now in my 70's and have had several surgeries resulting from my 'eternal' constipation. She ran her 'Colon Flow Jin Shin' and my problem is over. Having treatments before surgery and after surgery have made strong pain medications unnecessary. No more Vicodin, etc., etc.

I have made miraculous recoveries from knee surgery, oral surgery, loss of balance due to a fall. Physical Therapy was unnecessary. No Pain - Problem solved.

I will never give up my weekly sessions. Jin Shin keeps me young and strong"

Barbara Story-Snider, Ph.D.
Pebble Beach, CA

"Louisa is a gifted professional, a talented massage therapist, and a caring person. I've been her client for 20 years. Through thick, thin, aches, and pains, she is absolutely the best."

Sarah W. Blackstone, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
Community Emergency Response Volunteers (CERV) of the Monterey Peninsula
Augmentative Communication, Inc.

"Louisa Curley is a gifted body worker who can follow the body's rhythms and needs very carefully, particularly when she offers a Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment. This style of work is both subtle and powerful for body and psyche. By touching into the body's meridians and pulses, it is regenerative, clearing, and can be almost imperceptible, except for the sense of well-being after the treatment. I liken it to my body feeling like it's plastic wrap that slowly opens and relaxes, restoring a calm and centered feeling. Louisa's hands seem to both know and follow the body's needs. I am so grateful she works in this community."

Judy D. Zappacosta, MFT, CST -T

"I first heard of Louisa Curley, through a friend. I was having circulatory issues and within a couple of treatments, a noticeable response from the high blood pressure and pulse were lower than what I had been experiencing prior to treatment. I have been a loyal client of Louisa, over the last15 years. Louisa is a gifted facilitator in the
healing arts."

Robert Alvarado

"When I had what I call a ‘neck seizure’ (clearly muscle tension from work and the stress of moving), and I was in considerable pain, my doctor said 'Well, I can treat the symptoms, only you can treat the cause'. He also said, 'When you get a bit better, I will prescribe massage'."

"Two years later, after osteopathic treatments which did little to restore my normal clear thinking and feeling of well being, I went back to my GP and asked for the prescription for massage. What he gave me was Louisa Curley’s business address and phone number. Eager to get started, I went over and knocked on the door (I had no idea you don’t do that when someone’s giving a massage). But Louisa came to the door and told me when to come back."

"I will not forget that first massage, which was my first, ever. When I got into my car to go home, I found that I could move my neck to see cars going by, and my head was clear; and I felt ‘bright’. When I got home I couldn’t get over the ‘feeling of well-being’ that I had lost two years earlier. I felt active; I cleaned house! That was twenty five years ago, and I have been to Louisa on a near monthly basis (except when she left the area for a while) ever since."

"I read a book some years ago, “Muscles are the Cause of Back Pain”. Louisa works the muscles so that my neck and shoulders are made to relax. I plan to stay away from pain, - and I do love that feeling of well-being!"

R. P. Shreeve
Professor Emeritus, Naval Postgraduate School
President, High Meadow Terrace Community Assoc. Inc.

"I am in the field of fitness. For the last 28+ years Louisa Curley has been working to keep my body going. If it weren't for Louisa I would not be teaching aerobics, Pilates or any of the other style classes I do. She has kept my body going and tuned."

Wendy Loew-Mari

"When Louisa Curley had her practice in Monterey, CA, I was a loyal client of hers for many years, perhaps four or five. I enjoyed regular weekly appointment on Tuesdays. I had the good fortune to have encountered Louisa because of great recommendations by people in my power walking group and those involved in healthful lifestyles."

"Louisa made me feel like I was her most important client and that she cared deeply for my well-being and my issues as they arose. What impressed me further was her natural gift and expertise of knowing the body, where to pay attention to in treatment. With years of experience, Louisa knew her muscle groups and what was required to make you feel well and strong. I must confess that I never once left a session without a feeling of renewed well-being."

What is wonderful about Louisa is that she makes it her business to continue learning new techniques and methods to apply in her practice."

"It's a lucky event to find a professional like Louisa in your community."

Suzanne Diamond

Self Help

Did you know that we all have the innate power to help and heal ourselves?

The Jin Shin Jyutsu® Physio-Philosophy website,, offers regular features to encourage the daily use of Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help.

This quarter, they are offering:

Harmonizing Blood Pressure Projects




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